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Most of us spend the majority of our lives
Worrying about our problems
Or our aspirations
Going through life with blinders on
Dwelling only on the things
That stress us out all that much more
I do believe that life is about
Working hard to obtain your goals
But at the same time
We must remember to enjoy ourselves
We must learn to laugh at ourselves
And the situations we get in to
Forgetting about who we think we are
Or who we want to be
If for nothing else-to ensure our sanity

I know we all have problems
We all know life is rough
We try desperately
To take control of our lives
Day in-Day out
Pushing, pulling, twisting, turning
The strain gets so intense
Emotions bottle up inside
Endless struggle to survive
We try so hard

But we can't let ourselves forget
To step back and take a look
To see the irony of it all
The irony of it all
And we can't let ourselves forget
To not take our lives so seriously
And see the humor in it all

At times it all seems hopeless
We wonder what's the point
With the weight of the world on our minds
Happiness seems so distant
Day in-Day out
Building, pounding, burning, yearning
Still we keep on forging ahead
Build the walls thicker around us
Remain strong stay in focus
I try so hard

Step back and take
A good look at yourself

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