It seems like i'm surrounded everywhere i go
every fuckin town, ever fuckin show
i dedicate this song to everyone i know
cuz its not always what you do
but sometimes what you don't

everyone is guilty, thats my philosophy
the ignorant and unaware in glee and apathy
the disrespectful selfish fucks that are proud to be
everyone in between just like you and me

everywhere you go
everyone you know
everyone you see
everyone you meet
assholes assholes

always talkin shit and causing fuckin hassles
someone's gotta tell you you're a fuckin asshole!
what'cha gonna do when the fuckin axe falls
someone's gonna tell you you're a fuckin asshole

Get the fuck out of my way!
you deserve a punch in the face!
Why am i full of hate? you need to ask?
everyone from my town boston mass is full of
fuckin assholes

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Written by: Beck Campbell / Jon Spencer. Isn't this right? Let us know.