You're so far left on the right and you believe that peace
and love can be achieved through Anarchy
Hypocrite you're full of shit, I disagree your P.C.
rules and politics mean shit to me
Submit to views and slowly lose identity,
you think your better, but sit and yell equality,
relize you can't disguise your apathy.
Complain and bitch, but don't do shit is what I see

Fuck You, Fuck This, Fuck That, Fuck Them, I don't care
I don't give a fuck about you I don't care
Fuck You, Fuck This, Fuck Them, I don't care
All I hear is you complain that's unfair and no one cares
Punk with rules is punk for fools
If that happens I'll break all your rules, so just admit you're full of shit,
you stupid fucking hypocrite

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