Ripped up, scraped
Caused by the systems we create
The process to expand
Ignoring the state at hand
Never before sever so severe
Endeavor, restore it could never happen here
The wealth, the capitol
The filth, can't stop it all
Massive, not passive movement against
The state of racist control. Take more
Acquitted, embittered, What more to stem the cry
How much fucking more?
Excruciating, crunching, crushed within
The folds of massive machine
Thrashed within the twisting, splitting
Divided among this racist regime
The wealth, the capitol
The Filth, can't stop it all
Racist, ignorant, Officer, Tyrant
Pay tribute and know you salute your own downfall
Force fed, white bred, points you toward it headfirst
And when thy try to, they lie to deny it

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