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One More Lick


(Rap by Tray Deee)
Big Tray Deee up in here
Layin' fools down wit the homie TQ
I gots to do this for my bread & meat
This the only way I know how to eat
Fools don't know I'm steady on the come up
Ya know what I'm sayin'?

Well I was takin' up surveylance tryin' to peep this lick
To get the layout raps so I could peal his vic
This outta town nigga tryin' to pose & clock
So I popped my glock as I observed the spot
Was layin' in the cut 'til it's time to jet
7:30PM, now the sun is set
My G is in the alley, duffle bag in the trunk
Containing gloves, ski mask & my sawed off pump
Now when the shit jump, I'll be fully prepared
No time for bein' nervous, too down to be scared
About to put the plan in effect
First, I check the streets
And then I precede to creep
I promise the Lord if you let me do one
more lick
I'll stop slangin' and get out this shit
No more killin' and no more yay
But let me keep my Benz and my crib in GA
I pray to you Lord that you do the same for all my friends
I don't ever wanna pray this prayer again
Gotta see a million and I'm thru with this
And all I'm gonna need is just one more lick

In the morning when I wake up
Head to the bathroom, gotta shave my face up
Pick my Nigga Jay up, from Corina house
where he always laid up
Listen up we gotta busy day, my nigga Noid
say 23 birds comin' our way
And they landin' at the docks at nine o'clock
Let's go see Dmack at the neighborhood
glock shop


In the evening, we in the Benzo listening to
Tupac blowin' up some indo
Getting real blowed and my cellular
Is getting crossed up
I call Kellie, tell her not to wait up
Nine O'clock on the dot - we at the dock
I got my eyes on the nigga with the dred
locks he
The first one I'm gonna pop when the loot
come out
I'm tappin' Benie so he know which one I'm
talkin bout
Now shit's about to change hands - niggas put
your hand up!
Before you get stuck
And it's turnin out to be a beautful day, we
got the money and the yay
Dippin on the freeway
Next day, the Narc's raid about six in the
morning - you know break of fuckin' dawn
Now Kellie in the courtroom cryin' when I stand up
I guess it's one prayer that the Lord didn't answer

(Chorus - 3x)

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Compuesta por: Michael Mosley / T. Anderson / Terence TQ Quaites. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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