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Hard Life


Introducing the hard life
As if you all ain't know about it
Just another one of them ghetto things
Hard life living in the diningroom

When I think about the days go by
All the times
You wish that you could fly away
Into the clear bleu skies
Just to live the hard life
And when I think about the times we had
I remember good as well as the bad
I can hear sounds of laughter
When the lays sweet cries
In the hard life

Dear mister president
I was watching the news the other day
You talked about a whole lot of issues
But something about the neighberhood you never did
I tooke it for myself to change the channel
Figured out I was better of watching videos
Now you trying to get a litlle fool for my soul.
Late at night when they play to old tune

I can't get no satisfaction another live lost on quick reaction
Only time I think about calm and relaxing is when I write a newsong


Just a little some for my neigberhood
Holla if you hear me
Tough time in summertime feeling good
Remenise about my partners who past away
Just like little ronnie me and him and melinda
Just wanna be somebody
But to go now
Asked me how I feel about
Well I thank the lord who blessed him
So I sang about it



(Rap by E-40)

(Chorus - 3x)

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