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Internationally Yours


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Here we go again
7:47, y'all strapped in?
Off we go to London Heathrow
Wednesday nite we freshly jumped onto the show
You wanna know the real though
I got love for my peoples in Japan
To France, to Amsterdam, we keep it goin'
For the ones who ain't knowin'
Still westside 4 life and I'm a worldwide nigga, get it
U make me feel just like home
Damn all my luggage
See my people all kick it together
Everybody hear the beats of my songs
Internationally yours
I'll be back a thousand times
To all my fans, I've read every one of your letters
I've been around the world and I, I, I
Internationally yours
I Used to read about it
Now I see about it, be about it
And it's so exciting
And to have the opportunity to me
Riders that don't speak the same language as me
But know my record like they wrote it G
Switzerland and Germany
Light up a fat one, burn with me
Me and Sabrina on the train to Spain
Sun kissing like don't nobody know our name
But it's aiight though
I thought I'd never find love
That is until I met the 2 little French girls
Stood outside in the rain all day, just waitin' to say
That they was comin' to my show, and they was down to pay
Hold up your lighters if you hear me right
All my people across the world, if y'all feel me right
I'll always keep it real with you
I'll come and chill with you
Cuz you made all my dreams come true
I love you
Yes, I do

This one goes out to all my peoples that
Threw there dubs up
While drinking corn and yak
And all the women with my symbol tatoowed on they back
Y'all ready 4 that
I guess thankx for riding 4 the west
Now every damn time I'm gonna give u my best
Would u believe that I used to dream bout it

This one goes out to all my people that
Threw they dubs up while drinkin' Koniak
And all the women with my symbol tattoeed on they back
Y'all crazy for that, but I feel you though
I guess, thanks for ridin' for the west
Now every damn time, I'ma give you my best
And get ya somethin' funky like deep in ya chest
Would you believe that I used to dream about it?

(Rap by Homies)
I never thought I'd dream about the places I've seen
On a flight at 5:30, on the way to Belize
I thank the Lord on my way for the day that I'm given
And for not bein' dead or endin' up in prison
My decision to be a musician got me on this mission
Seems strange to hear foreign people screamin' my name
On a plane to Spain, doin' the exact same thing with no shame
Got game and use it, got love for the music
My dreams and ambition got me faced with this opposition
Now that I'm large, livin' my life like a superstar
They callin' me the man, cuz 'round the world I got fans
Ready for SoundScan, elevatin' through the southland
If it wasn't for this music, what the hell would we do?
And if it wasn't for this music, I'd probably have to rob you
I keep my head up, pray to God that he come quick
So I can escape life on the street and keep y'all bumpin' myshit

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