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Used To


(Talking) For my real homies that remember what they used to
(Talking over short chorus) Alot of people these days given
opertunities take them for Granted so this one right here
just exposure homeboy
(Short chorus) Used to be the one i looked up to tell me
what the hell done happened to you and now you cant even
come around i bet you think about it on your way down we

It was as nothin but little boys
But you was about 2 years older
Spendin most of our time in trouble and
Listening to my mama straight scold us
Be in the house before 7:30
Go take a bath cause you're dirty
And put some more greens on your plate
We walked to school every morning
Scrappin with niggas on the corner
And still we're never late
Used to write rhymes in the classroom
Rock shows in the bathroom
(I charge a dollar) you wanted to be like Ice Cube
I wanted to be like Iceberg Slim
Remember how me made them holler
Being a rap singer is all you talked about
You got a record deal I got kicked out
I saw your video couldn't believe
You was the same nigga did bang with me
And didn't look like you used to ride like we used to

Used to be the one I looked up to
Used to be the one I wanted to be like
Tell me what the hell happened to you
Used to know you when you slanged in the street life
And now you cant even come around
Used to be my homie now you act like you dont know me
I bet you think about it on your way down
Rembember the things you're used to

Had the nerve to come back to the neighborhood
After all these years (I had to keep the homies off of you)
Cause they sons in the school house trippin tryin to be likeyou
And its costing valueble time in they lives and mine
Thinkin that the only way you hot is you rappin about the moneyyou got
Nigga please you didnt always have cheese
Remember me I used to be with you
Used to slang weed in the street with you
Split the G with you
And I always believed in you
But now you switched up you on channel 2
Is them grindstones glued to your shoes
Danced around lookin like a fool with your lip pierced
Dont you ever try to come around here
You a disgrace
The real you done got misplaced
Give me your neighborhood pass
Would you wack that ass


Whos to blame for the shame on what people do for fame
To have a name in the game
No love for the music
Remember marvin used to do it
This shit meant something and you knew it
(And we knew it damn we blew it) Yhese days we only wishing
For top position and doin anything to get them
What the hell wrong with them
Forgot about the blues and the rhythm
And thats why i keep on dissin and representing like I used to

(Chorus until fade)

(Talking over Chorus)
Yeah for the ones who stayed real did they thing
and still remember what they used to
Yall know the ones i'm talking too Snoop Dogg
stay real DJ Quik stay real E-40 stay real Mary J.
stay real Mack 10 stay real Too Short stay real Juvenile
stay real yeah Warren g stay real Fat Joe stay real Rakim
stay real Lp stay real Tupac stay real Big Poppa
stay real Eazy-e stay real stay real
remember what your used to.

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