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Westside Part Iii


[Intro by TQ]
I was just a young boy
The remix, this is the way we do it

[Verse 1 by TQ]
Now I'm standing on the corner, high as fuck
Thinking 'bout bustng a nut
And you can say what you wanna
It's all about hips and butts and other ways to come
Why do they hate all our Khakis embrace
When you're right in the way
It's just another sunny day in California
Seven, eight bomb poppa Snoop Dogg dipping down the show with thedubs

[Chorus by TQ]
I thought you heard about it
I proclaim to hate
In the city where you bang and bang
Dames wear sexy things
Just to get you for your change
And chickens don't know
You'd better be careful this shit could take over your brain
Westside, westside, where we bang, westside, westside

[Verse 2 by Jayo Felony]
I bang with rock bottom solid, get them mad for the tip up outyour wallet
Bitches I shine with a five hundred line long rhyme
I come from the State where the bitches be fine on main line
It ain't no crime to see I ride a whore when I hit it frombehind
You must be out your rabbit ass mind you think your bitch jab alot
You got chips cause here it don't matter when you ain't hit theright spot
'Cause you wanna roll with the thugs that ain't scared to get aswing on
Bang gone TQ the whisper that been this bomb bitch here, singon
I'm bullet balling you low as my religion I ain't from 28
If you done believe me then you can come and see me
I'm banking, folks had better not come from S.D.C.

Yeah, my nigga Jayo, today yo, y'all done heard about it?


[Verse 3 by Kam]
I live this westlife see the stress strife
Knife and needles niggas with the sticky green
They make Viki jeans and white Filas
T-shirt, new chicks be hurting new tricks
You brake laws doing wrong, chewing those straws and two-fix
One time to greet you with a drawn gun
They can't stand to see us having fun these assholes be on one
Niggas on the run just like a free laid light
Don't house arrest her in an orange vest working on thefree-way
But we play for keeps, my peeps I represent
I'm laying down a law and order boy and quarter roy a timespinner
Venom like a snake, I make your muscles lock
So I give my spray can a shake and strike your whole block
Son, you've got me twisting like the cap on a Guiness stoutbeer
'Cause when it come to L.A. rap, I'm the tightest nigga outhere
(Woo shit!) Niggas got amunessure but Kam sees ya

[Chorus - 2×]

[Outro by TQ]
(Repeat 'Westside, westside' through out outro)
Yeah! On the remix,
in case y'all didn't know that was my nigga Jayo, my homeboy Kamand
Y'all never saw us coming.
Westside westside…

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