Yeah I’m smoking motherfucker
Don't come around me with no vape
Got your bitch under the covers sucking on me like a pipe
It's the hero of the dark but I don't ever wear a cape
Take a bic and then I spark until the blunt evaporates
Ain’t no debate with $uicide
Two deep when I ride
Ruby getting high off of the pills that I supply
Just cruising by on flat tires in an '06 Chevy
Looking like I'm Bloody Mary sipping codeine and Peri
I'm Donnie Darko when I spark up and I'm creeping like Frank
Raising that choppa right at your face then after that I go blank
Cause Slickity of the hinges with syringes shooting up my veins
Rather be left alone
I don't care to know your name ho

Pull up in a Lamborghini just so you can see me
Swerve into a telephone pole
My skeleton broke
Pirellis smoke and burn
Put my ashes in a blunt and light the front
Your vision's blurred
You might just learn how Ruby da Cherry has seen the world
Watch me flex like I'm in the next life
Bitch I was next in line for heaven
But then I ingested a double cup full of that fucking insecticide
Insects inside my dead body
Ironically, after Oddy was identified possibly
Gotta be specified cause the weather was intensified
Dragging the lake
They made a mistake because Yung Plague was recognized
The sun turned black
The sky replaced by the face with giant reddened eyes
Christ cannot compare
He cannot save by breaking bread and wine
$uicideboy$ can relate to the revelation because we dead inside

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