girls lie to boys and boys lie to girls
he says, "i've been at the office, papers up to here"
but he smells like beer
she says, "its okay"
he thinks she doesn't know - women always know


but i'm gonna be the one to break all those rules
i think those people are fools
scandal's nothing new
what good is the truth if we never use it?

you've just got to trust me sometimes
"trust me" he says in the dark
she's saved it all this time
but to him it's worth a dime
she found out the hard way you get the kisses then
the tears
to think she'd saved is all these years
you've just got to trust me sometime

repeat chorus

i may leave you but i will never lie
she said, "i will love you forever, baby, you are my home"
but five years later he's alone
with some kids and a car - his only warmth from the
he wondered how he believed her

repeat chorus

fade out:

i didn't tell you because i didn't want to hurt you

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