I'll give myself a vision for a boy for this one girl.
He can be the colors of a paintbox set in a black
and white world. He'll be a bit of everything, be the
silver in the clouds, be a whisper silent as a
kiss or a scream that's just as loud. I know he
can be found.
Adonis blue, Adonis blue. Sad like me but he's
always smiling. You can't find me I can't find you.
You're tried and true. It's only you adonis blue.
He'll be the stroke of midnight or the mornings
faithful rise. Be the music buried in the garden of
a church like the loveliest surprise. I heard there
isn't anyone, that the breed has long been gone.
I still not sure that I'm convinced gonna try to
prove them wrong. Gonna look and look hard and long.
Wish upon a star, pull the petals from a flower.
Make a special wish when the clock strikes certain hours.
Blow out the candles on the cake, pitch the pennies in the
fountain. God speed him to me. I promise I'll be good.
I'll be waiting by the window, I'll be sitting in the dark. He's
just gotta be there 'cause I've looked so very hard.
adonis blue he's a boy come true, a little bit of him, a little of
you. Cherub face with those dug in heels. He's everything I
mean. He's everything I feel. Rag doll singing in the slippery
city rain, plugging in my circuits. Dancing in my brain. Adonis
blue. He's a boy divine. Gonna to try to find him. Gonna make
him mine. If I only knew adonis blue. I'll give myself a vision.

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