Silver lining changed to grey skies
When a red-eyed angel waved goodbye
In my lifetime, I may find him once again to my surprise
I'll wait here, patiently and you may just return to find me

Blue in Paradise, the paint runs down
Just like my teardrops
Blue in Paradise, I'll paint the town until the hurt stops
Make a wish on every rainbow for the colours to re-appear
Green with envy, wishing you home, read faced mad I wait alone
I'll stay here, one day dear to may just return to find me


And if you return, nothing will be different
And if you return, nothing really will have changed

The red of my heart is black and blue now
Broken up and dragged around
I'll lay my dreams all down to sleep here
I'll close my eyes to hear no sound
I'm cryin', I'm dyin'
But I will hold my breath
'til you find me


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Written by: Andy Partridge / Tracey Bryn. Isn't this right? Let us know.