Write you name in sand and snow and watch it blow away
Write you name in blood and rain and see it leave a stain
Upon my soul
We're got father time, we're got mother earth
But somehow love is all we crave
I painted you with the colours of the night and the
I watched you fade away

Love's locked inside of my heart
Love's locked inside - safe and forever waiting
And there it shall remain

Thaw the ice in these brittle veins and melt this arctic soul
I pray alone to a child like god,
Let me see your face before I'm old
My heart is hard and heavy with the burden of ungiven love
I think I loved you deeper that the ocean blue and when
I saw the starts at night I thanked them all for you


Write you name in sand and snow,
Write you name in blood and rain,
Thaw the ice in these brittle veins, melt this arctic soul

Love's locked inside, safe and forever
(a silent wish for what I thought divine)

So this is the fate that time has chosen to be mine
A hope that's not to be fulfilled,
A silent which for what I thought divine
I will keep it here for you deep down inside myself
I'd rather keep it here for the ages to behold
That give it away to someone else


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