I'm done. this time I'm over you. I'm sick of playing all your
games. this rollercoaster ride has left me dizzy and
I want to leave before I lose my chance
to escape this same old song and
dance. I guess it couldn't hurt to take one more
ride. you had told me you'd made up
your mind. and I was so sure that this time
I was over you, the mistake of my life. it's the
last time and after this my heart is dead. but I will
probably turn and run right back again. you're a fool
boy and I don't want your love, she said. (a stupid boy)
so let me know if this all really is the end.
quit playing with my head. your bouts with my heart have left me so
Battered, bleeding, bruised and sore that I can't continue keeping score
of who did what this time. when will
I ever realize that I'm not over you, the mistake of
my life? so start the engine up again one last time.
We'll take the road we have before. til you forget about
the boy you left here. who never knows just what's in store.
so tell me what you think about, when we're all alone?
I just can't read you. why do you always leave?
(it's so useless, it's so useless) I know it'd be much better
if you were replaced with someone I don't have to chase.
I'm never over you the mistake of my life. I know I always need you.
so many times I've seen this through again.
I'm never over you. no hope for me tomorrow.
it's time to end my sorrow once again.
I'm getting (never) over you.

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