Alone in this room I sit. my radio
sings to me in songs
of regret. what friends do
I have? it's convienient when they go out.
it's me they forget. nice guys finish first.
that's the biggest lie I ever heard.
you shoot me down before I even breathe.
I hope you get what you deserve. leave me alone.
you never cared about me.
So why should I care about you? and don't think
I'm crawling back to your door.
(I never wanted any more.) you'll never see these
dreaming eyes again. why don't you just keep digging?
(inside yourself)
Somewhere beyond this pile of fantasies you'll discover something that's
real. walking alone through these cold
and bitter streets is better than this
feeling. walking alone, on my own. remember
everything I've said up to this point.
I'm through wasting all my words on you. I'm through with you.

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