I'm giving up. never gave up on anything before in
my life. congratulations. because of you I'm believing love
is a lie. you tell a girl the
truth, that you're falling for her and she rips
out your heart, and throws it on her shelf and
you never get it back. it's too much
for me (I'm giving up) too many times I've had
to stitch up the wounds. I'm taking myself off the
field. you'll never hear me say I love
you. I remember the time you were impatiently waiting for me to
kiss you. and I was nervous cause I didn't know what you
would do. would you lean over and use me? get what
you wanted and dispose of me? (or would our love finally be
real? ) or would love finally be real? and we'd live
together happily. fat chance. sometimes I still think about
you. remember those fun times we had. and those holidays of
hell you put me through, run constantly through my head. thank you for
rejection left under my tree. my new
year's resolution is to never date
another girl. another girl like you.
never date another girl like

you. I'm throwing in the towel. I'm giving up.
never again. you'll never hear me say I
love you. so much for plan a.

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