Goodnight New Brunswick

5 Days Ahead

It's all so sudden how I find myself here.
with you cradled in my arms; so afraid my shouting heart will wake you.
I lie here admiring this gift. the one I don't deserve but
I have wanted forever; and thank fate for this moment.
the hardest part of my day is leaving you, so thank you
for this night. so close your eyes and dream of me.
say everything you're too scared to say. leave worry
to the waking world and know that I'm here to keep
you safe. morning comes so quickly these nights,
so I keep this time with me. replaying it over and over.
every detail, every gentle sigh. and as you leave to
begin the new day, please think of me.
Know that even though we're so far apart, my thoughts are
still with you. just promise me, that you'll stay by my
side. it's just so hard, the night's so dark sometimes.
here with you it all just seems to slip so far away.
(I'll be there with you to make the darkness slip so far away.)
I'll close my eyes and dream of you until the stars all fade.
so close your eyes. dream of me. just promise me you'll be there.
(I promise you I'll be there.)

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