I'll try to live through this; please watch over me. you
were always there for me when I needed a
shoulder to cry on. childhood can be so cruel. thank God I had
you. they say you should remember them the way they were and never
cry, but that's easier said than done. I tried,
but too many times I've seen people leave in a box.
so I can't cry, I have to be strong. days
go by, I wish I could see you again. to lose a
friend; the world's so unfair. sometimes I think about what may have been,
if that phone didn't ring. would people have wept over me, like they
wept over you? what would become of mom and dad, to lose their only son?

Would school even notice I was gone? I am gone,
I am gone. where are all my best friends? they
left me alone again. struck down, I never had
my chance to say goodbye. I never said thank
you. who needed love? I had you. but now you've faded
away, like the pictures I hang on my wall. I'll remember you.
I'll remember you.

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