Push it down, shove it back
Words will not die
I'm warning you, they'll resist
If you dare try
Put down your guns
The more you hate us
The stronger we become

Take a life, silence one
Two will scream louder
Hope is strong, answers lie
Beyond the gunpowder
Hear that sound?
My thoughts are immortal now

Scream, burst at the seams
Won't let you quiet us now
Our thoughts will not be burned
By the lies spreading all around
Cry, don't close your eyes
Our story's written in the sky
You can shoot me down
But you're never gonna hide the truth
'Cause words are bulletproof

Tear it down, rip it up
Fan the flames higher
We are crying out
Like a dissonant choir
The sound lives on
And the soon silence will be gone

War is hell, blood is shed
Show us your power
Holding fast, we'll resist
Screaming still louder
You can lie
But the truth will never die

Sticks and stones
Are gonna break my bones
But the words are gonna break you
The truth is gonna shine through
Fire will rise
You'll fight us to no surprise
Though burning pages trail behind

You'll never stop what's in our minds
This is my voice
This is my heart
These words of mine
Will tear you apart
No, you can't shoot me down
Ideas are solid ground

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