It's freezing outside
inflenzia is contaminating the world around us.
Everything sucks that is not inside your heatable room.
You think about christmas, when suicide rate is highest
and your parents once again are more interested in rituals than in your life.
You're feeling down.

All those fears come back in your mind
they determine your days your sleepless nights
Your only hope is that times will change
so you can say that winter is gone.

Watching corny lovestories on TV,
memories of your own life come up and drag you down.
How could you be so blind ?
You played a role did never look behind.
Your inside crumbles
You fucking hate winter.

It's springtime and you 're falling in love.
You have the sweetest girl - friend of the world
Things make sense again
You know that cold times come back
It won't matter to you
'cause you know that winter is gone.

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