Maybe you don't
think you have a cross to bear.
And when you scoff at
Those who suffer in despair.
And sometimes I feel
Like I don't know what to do,
But something keeps me going
And hanging on to you.

I see the wind is
Swirling around me.
I feel the vent,
It's boiling beneath the sea
It burns, life turns
And shows you some misery,
And how to be,
Baptised by Fire

There is one thing that I've come
to understand. This rocky road will
Twist and turn to the promised land.
And sometimes I feel like
Throwing it all away,
But something keeps me waiting
For a brighter day.

Been living in disbelief,
will this grief subside?
Too long in this cloud of doubt.
Will this love survive?
Baptised by Fire

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