I know one day I'll find you,
Cause I have an open heart.
For now I'll paint your eyes blue.
And I dreamed you from the start.
And I am strong so, I won't fall apart.

Oh baby, you can come to me.
And you don't have to be alone.
And like a river to the see.
No matter where you roam,
I will take you all the way back home.

So, fly high Little Dove
On your wings from above.
The one I'm thinking of,
Fly high Little Dove.

And I will wait for the real thing,
That pretty one with special style.
And just to hear your heart sing,
I would walk nine thousand miles.
And I believe that each step is worthwhile.

I know that we can
Change these strange days.
And lift us up from this sad soul haze.
And I don't want you to be afraid
Of feeling right when I kiss your eyes
And hold you close through the night.

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