I see a girl as she
Waits at the airport.
Her bags weighed
With old wornout shoes.
She wears the
Freight of her world
on her shoulder.
One day it will
All come true.
Every year seems
To go a little faster.
She's looking for
That only one.
Her greatest fear is
Love is gonna pass her.
And she'll be lost
Forever in the sun.

What she gonna do
With all that passion?
When her lover has
gone, gone, gone.
Now we know that she's
Falling out of fashion.
When they leave her
One by One.

She says she wants
A house on the hill,
And if I don't buy it,
Some other man will.
But what's a house
With no warmth inside?
A foundation on
Foolish pride.

What did he see?
What did he need?
Who did he know?
And where did he go?

I heard she jumped
On the very next plane.
She had to
Fly, fly, far, far away.
And I will never
Ever be the same.
And those dreams
Fade away.

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