Sailing Through the Rain

Daniel Glen Timms

The city lights are shining
In the distance.
A war of wills is raging in your heart.
The wild wind blows,
Pounding with persistance.
A melting voice echoes near and far.

The myth of madness
Made you lose connection.
Your memory fades
Like a flower in the dark.
Now the healing light
Illuminates the heavens.
This sea of eyes
Lifts us up into the stars.

And we all feel the pain,
And we keep
Sailing Through the Rain.

We're mystified
After years on the ocean.
This ship of souls
Still penetrates the night.
The deep swells wide
In a wave of devotion,
And the other side is well within our sight.

No, No, No
We won't stop, til we get to the other side.
Sailing Through the Rain.

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