Soldier on a mountainside,
Reveille calling.
Never gonna take his pride,
A voice yells Fall In.

Today it's do or die, with the
cannonballs roaring.
Kissing the pale blue sky,
Time for his glory.

He don't fear the sound.
He climbs to higher ground.
The forest shifts around
In the midday sun.
He flanks his enemy,
The boy from Tennessee.
He holds their remedy
In a loaded gun.
He had to live his life
Like a loaded gun.

Now that the war has come,
He goes to fight them.
Those who attack our hearts,
Leave children crying.
Stands for his own homeland,
Love is his reason.
You know he will give his hand
To fight for our freedom.

And now we are free,
He gave his life for you and me.

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