You and I
Have been through soo much lately
trying to work it out....
after you broke up...with him.

But, how can I
Help you to make up..with another guy
When i know deep in my heart..
That i want you for myself..
And i've been trying to tell you...for some time now.
But, I just did'nt know how

And i know that i may sound a little crazy.
Knowing you were someone else's lady...Ooh


Dont' look at me that way
But, try to understand...what i've been going through..
I'll give you anything...if it means
That you belong to me...
oh Diana.

Verse II
Look at me...
I had soo many restless's hard to sleep
When you are on my mind
I'll always keep...
Hoping that one day...You'll be free
To spend some time with me.

So tell me if i'm wrong
For trying to hold on..
Tell me right now...
Dont' leave me..hanging on.

(repeat hook)

Dont' look at me that way
But, try to undrstand. what i've been goin through
I'll promise you a diamond ring...if it means
That you belong to me..
Diana...oh yeah...
Dont' you see
That you are hurting me...


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