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Gotta Get You Home Tonight

Eugene Wilde

Intro: ooooh baby
gotta get you home with me tonight.
ooooh baby
gotta get you home with me tonight.

Verse I

Gotta hold you body tight
Make you scream and shout all night.
I'll do those things
That are good... to you lady..
I've got the tools. i'm sure you gonna like...

So kick off you shoes
And lay back and let me soothe you
I'm in No rush
I'll take my time..


A bottle of Don Perigon
to get us in the mood.
And an atmosphere
that's sure to please you..

oooooh lady
gotta get you home wih me tonight
ooooh lady
i gotta get you home with me tonight

verse II

Gotta hold your body right
make you scream shout all night
I'll do those things.. that are good to you lady...
When you lay your body next to mine.

So, kick off your shoes
and lay back and let me soothe you...
I'm in no rush..
I'll take My time...

(repeat hook)
(repeat chorus)

So come on lady
let's get into the groove
I've got to get next to you..
No matter what it takes.

So come let dance
And make a little romance...

Oh come on lady!
Oh come on girl!
Oh come On girl!

(repeat chrous
feel-it out)

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Written by: McKinley Horton / Ronald Broomfield. Isn't this right? Let us know.