I'll never forget the day
you went away......

I'll never forget that expression
on your face...

But, if you really want to know
what i've been going through.


then come to me...
and listen to what i...have to say.
because, i can't go on living....
without you here
by my side.


There's No Way
I'm gonna hurt you lady
There's No Way
I'll treat you like

There's No Way
I'm going to let Success
go to my
you mean the World to me.


It's a new day
and girl i've learned..
The reminisces of your kiss
are second to none.
Ooh lady.
I can't wait to have you near.
I've got to show you darling.
How Much....
I Love you my dear.


(repeat chorus)
Ad-lib till fade

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