Verse I

It's just the way...
I feel about you...
And how I hope you feel..the same way too...

Cause, when you call my name..
I can't explain...the feeling that...comes over me...
When i dream
Darling it seems.
That..true love is oh so real..
And i've got to say...
Just, how i feel..
And this is the perfect
Moment to say...

That I'm in Love
So, in Love..
I'm in Love....With You..
Lady...I'm In Love
So, In Love..
I'm in Love...With You..

Verse II

Right from the Start..
You Stole My heart.....
And from this Moment
I promise never to hide.
Cause the way i feel
Is oh so real...
And my Love for you..
Will Never fade Away.
Cause When I dream
Darling it seems..
That true oh so real
And i've got to say..
Just How i feel..
And this is the Prefect..
Moment to Say

(repeat hook)

You make me feel
So good inside
You make me sooo Alive..
Your Love is so Special..
That i can't Deny....
oh ooh oh ooh oh

(Ad-lib till fade)

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