Verse I

I made a list..
I'm trying to figure out..
If it ever get's better than this.
You whisper love my ear...

And Girl.
Remember..when i called you on the phone
I heard someone in the background
you said you were alone
My trust in almost gone..


You came and stole my heart
and left me lonley.
Left me looking for you..
Knowing that my heart
was for you only..
Why? did you go and break my heart...

I don't wanna be..
Lost and Lonely..
I don't wanna be lost and alone..oh no..
Oh I don't wanna be
Lost and Lonely...oh no
Girl ,I don't wanna be Lost and Lonely...

Verse II

You know that things are moving to fast..
My Head, My Heart, My Feelings are..
heading for crash..
It's about time...
You made up you mind....

Girl, I think it's about time..that you give it up..
Take my hand and we can live it up..
Girl...Stop wasting precious time..
It would be a crime...
If only you could see...

You came into my heart
and made me happy
Made me feel...Brand New

Then you stole my heart and left me Lonley
Why, did go and Break my Heart ?

I don't wanna be
Lost and Lonely..
Our House is not a home
It's not the same
Since you've be

I don't wanna be..
Lost and Lonely.....
I don't wann be
Lost and Lonely...oh......

Repeat Hook:
Repeat Vamp:

Ad-lib till fade

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