Broken and lost is the way that I feel
Cannot control what I've lost cannot tell what is real
I lost all the things that were in my reach
But when I got it back wasn't to be.

Lost all my sense of what's real and what's fake
Lost all my sense how much more can I take
Feelings of anguish to settle the score,
Retribution I want, I can't take no more. No More.


Broken lost and betrayed
Survival of the fittest is what they say.
Reality's here again
To put me into check to see who's my friend.

There's nothing left I can see no more,
There's no one left and I ask just what for,
The days of just loyalty are far removed.
Replaced with people that have something to prove.

Shallow minds lead hopeless ways
And hopelessness I'm seeing today
No care to stand up and take it head on
No care to fight back now I look and they're gone.


Given more and more to you
What the fuck I ever get in return
Another scar across my back
You think maybe I'd fuckin learn
But now I'm harder than before
I take my strength from the times I've been broken.
Waiting for the very next time
So I can hear the words from the unspoken.

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Written by: Dedicated To Jimmy The Machine Gun Machete. Isn't this right? Let us know.