Another lost sheep in the heard
You never question you just obey.
Sought to fulfill their deeds
You'll never know the error of your ways.

Brought up in a world of deceit
And you follow the path they lay.
Blinded by your ignorance
You'll fight till they have their say!

Is what they feed to me
But now I see for myself
Because I've broken away
From the lies and the ignorance
Free your mind
I look back now I know it made sense
Till this day
There's no looking back
I'm staying true to my ways
Because I've broken

I've seen my share of those caught up
Fighting for what they believe is right
But they were taught from the day they were born
By those with only one thing in sight.
To destroy our very Ideals
And lead the world into turmoil.
It's time to free your mind at last
And change the things that they've spoiled


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