Coming Back Strong


To those who put us down we have yet to forget
Your talk is silenced and it's time to collect
Your beatings and pounding s never changed a thing
My wounds are healed be prepared for what i bring
Tensions are thick and we're layin' it down hard
Debts are paid through violence and scars
Instead of dropping lines, were dropping suckers like yourself
Commin' back strong for all the grief that i've felt


Cxbxs- i'm back strong

Were bringin' it down & we don't give a shit
What you have to say if you can't deal with it
Were seeking out revenge with an iron fist
Busting through your competition with no means to resist
With disregard for law, were coming with full force
Too late to back down and you've got no choice
And now i feel no guilt for what's gonna happen
Cause the tables have turned
Now who the hell is fucking laughing?

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