Always been there when need be,
Proven to be trusted showing loyalty
Cause being down doesn't mean keeping your distance
Friendship's not a word it's a life long commitment

Shoulder to shoulder whatever the case
Never looking back never loosing faith
Cause you don't have to be blood to be family
It's just the way we choose it to be.


It's one family
The path I chose.
They'll be there for me

For my loving family,
The path I chose
You'll be there for me.

Time will show real friends
But heal no wounds
It's just a fact of life
That we all must go through
Through good and hard times
Faith, family and Friends
No compromise
We'll fight to the end
Like links of a chain
Our Blood is our bond
And like a tree of a life
Our family lives on
You can try and tear it
Down but it will come
Back even stronger

For it my love of family
The path I Chose
You'll be there for me.

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