You're not my friend so don't smile at me
Because we wear the same clothes and we're a part of the scene
I stand for a stronger cause
That'll be around forever, it's the least i can say about yours
So don't look to me for acceptance
You destroyed what we had and you'll live to regret it
Cause in the end reality will be what separates you from me.

For years we've struggled we've come this far
Built up a scene that came straight from our hearts
Gathered at shows, meet up with our friends
Living the life how it should have been
But it wasn't cool enough for you play it cool
You saw a profit margin and you failed to stay true

The true meaning of ideals isn't meant
In the one sided story that you represent
My honor and life can't be bought
So back the fuck up if you intend to keep yours
Here today gone tomorrow for your kind
Doesn't matter much to me as you pass on by
So keep forgetting the meaning and walk
What it means to be down for a cause

You'll never understand
I've seen it at first hand
You'll never understand
What it means to be down for a cause

Always fuckin saying your down with the cause, that's bullshit and you know it.
Quick to point the finger but never look at yourself, and your actions they
Shine through
Quick to make a dollar off of others good intentions a large profit is what you
What goes around comes around and soon they will all know that your all cowards
Your fuckin fake.

Exposed at last
For all of your lies
Exposed at last
There's nowhere to hide
Exposed at last
Destroying our name
Exposed at last
Only you're to blame

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