Photo of the artist Harvist

Troll's Bane / Water In The Lungs


Through all the hate that's part of this world
I commit my soul to resurgence
Where my deep, dark thoughts lay with lions and lambs
My own termination as an expression of hope.
I wish to cut free the tongues of youth
And feed them to the god of humility
Where sweet their words be poisoned
And sing their spite back ten fold.
All are bastards & bitches, liers & hos
Worshipping where their money goes
So this world is & always be
The great ship of sacrelige for all to see.
You'll never know how close you came
Vomit mixed with the dust of time
Only for the few truely innocent
Saves your fucking ass from demise.
So for my love of all things pure
I seek self-ruin
I choose to die...

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