Freestyle With Remy Martin


Yo Yo Yo
What the Fuck, Terror Squad
All We Do Is Battle What; What, What What
Yo It´s "The Dream Shatterer" Strictly For Cream Team Battler
Ring Rattlin Microphone Fiend Spline Splatterer
King of the Throne, Bringin It Home Five Nights
Up in the Source - Five Mics
Whippin a Porsche - High Price
Pumpin the 9-7, Rhyme Heaven Her Voice Is Mindbendin
Imaginin Angie Nuttin But Panties and My 911
That´s What I´m Reppin the Thug Tech and the Glove
Step in the Mud With Less Than a Scud I´m Splittin Your Rug
It´s Just I´m in Love With Mrs. Martinez
Latin Goddess Or Venus, You Just Happen to Give Me the Hardest {penis}
You Wanna See Us Apart, You´re Chasin the Dark
Long As She Run the Battle She Got a Place in My Heart

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