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My Turn


Yo It´s My Turn, I Demand My Respect
Give Me My Burn, Or Get Slammed in Your Neck
Cause It´s My Turn, I´ma Reach to the Top
Gimme My Burn, I´ma Speak With the Glock
Cause It´s My Turn, Don´t Make Me Turn Your Wig
Gimme My Burn, Don´t Make Me Burn Yo´ Crib
I´ma Rhyme It Right, and Keep the Ghetto in a Trance
But When the Time Is Right, Me and the Devil Gon´ Dance

Fuck You and Yours; Make Way - I´m Comin Through the Door
And Screw the Law - Breakin the Rules Ain´t Nothin New At All
I´m True to All the Shit That I Done, Check the Clip in My Gun
Respect the Click That I´m From, Or Get Lifted and Stunned
Dunn, You Just a Small Fry, Fuckin With the Fall Guy
Big Pun, the Honorable, All Rise
Sky´s the Limit, Nuttin Less If My Guys Is in It
For the Right Price, Even Christ Could Get It
Fast Life We Live It - All My Memories Are Vivid
I Remember Only Minutes
That´s How I Mentally Get Rid of All the Enemies
The Spirits That Definitely Mimic My Every Melody
And Lyric Which So Heavenly Rhythmic
In Magic Do I Build, But Math Do Be Equally Compatible
And Secretively Battle You to Reach My Peak in Equilateral
I´m From the Streets Deep in the Bottom Yo Ain´t no Mario Brothers
Official Bronx Niggaz, Quick to Body Yo´ Mother (Ouch)

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