Still Not a Player


Hey Yo I´m Still Not a Playa But You Still a Hater
Elevator to the Top Hah, See You Later, I´m Gone
Penthouse Suite, Penthouse Freaks
In House Beach, French Countesse, Ten Thou Piece
Rent-out Lease, With a Option to Buy
Coppin a Five-oh Benz For When I´m Not, Far Up in the Sky
Puffin the La, From My Twinzito
Up in the Benzito With My Kiko From Queens, Nicknamed Perico
We Go Back Like Pa´s and Wearin Pj´s
Now We Reach the Peakage, Runnin Trains For Three Days
Who Wanna Ride It Won´t Cost You a Dollar
Whether Soft Or Harder of Course You Still Gonna Holla
Mama, I´m Thick *uuh*, I Rip My Dick Through Your Hooters.
I´m Sick, You Couldn´t Measure My *dick* With Six Rulers
Hold Up, Chula, I´m All About Gettin Loot
But I Knock That Boot, If You Out to Get Poof


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