You Can Catch Me in the Cherry Red One-fifty
Got the Grizzy Locked in the Stizzy
Pop the Clizzy Goin Sixty Down a One-wizzy
Drunk Pissy, Tryin to Cruise Through the Avenue
While My Peoples Is Poppin Bottles Up in ?sue´s Rendevous?
Fuck That, Spun the U-ey Lost a Hubcap
It´s Back to the Shack - Came Back and Now, "What´s That?"
Straight From Paris, Checkin Gaby´s New Baby Carriage
Perry Ellis (Nice), Auburn Cherry Reddish
Fresh Out the Dealer, Got the Tec For the Squealers
Wear a Vest For the Killers, Nuttin Less Cause It´s Reala
In the Big Apple, Where It´s Quick to Get Your Shit Tackled
Enemies Spit At You, Best Friends Kidnap You
Trust no One (Eh Eh) Got Beef Bust Yo´ Gun
You Don´t Need no One (Nope) Talkin Bout That You Owe Him
I´ma Go For Dolo - Scarface Without Manolo
One Deep, I Be Solo, Bustin Heat, Throwin Bolos, It´s Hard

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