The Dream Shatterer


Hit ´em With a Thousand Pounds of Pressure Per Slap
Make His Whole Body Jerk Back, Watch the Earth Crack
Hand Him His Purse Back
I´m the First Latin Rapper to Baffle Your Skull
Master the Flow, Niggaz Be Swearin´ I´m Blacker Than Coal
Like Nat King, I Be Rapping and Tounge´s Packing
The Ones, Magnums, Cannons and Gatling Guns
It´s Big Pun! the One and Only Son of Tony...montana
You Ain´t Promised Manana in the Rotten Manzana
C´mon-pana We Need More Rhymers
Feel the Marijuana Snake Bite Anaconda
I´m in Ivana With Wine-a, Try to Match My Persona
Sometimes Rhymin´ I Blow My Own Mind Like Nirvana
Comma, and Go the Whole Nine Like Madonna
Go Try to Find Another Rhymer With My Kinda Gramma
Chorus -- When You Awaken, Your Manhood´ll Be Taken
Fakin´ Like You Satan When I´m the Rhymin´ Abomination (2x)
I´m Pure Adrenaline, Uncut, Straight to Your Gut, Medicine
Raw Cure For Pain I Coat Your Brain Like Polyurathane
Simple and Plain, I´ll Explain It in Layman Terms
If You Came to Learn How to Make Fire, I´m-a Make It Burn!
Higher and Hotter Than Lava This Scholar
Is ´bout Just As Smart As Macgyver
To Put Honor Inside the Heart of a Lion
Revolved in a Life of Crime (Crime!)
Fuck It I Like the Shine (Shine!), Up in the White and Lime (Lime!)
Comes With the Pipe Design

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