Buffoon of Sephiria


[1er couplet]

behind the men who spit fire
balls of jugglers flyin' higher
grelots tinkle your costume shine
i hear the crowd acclaim / up are glasses of wine

make them laugh that is your task
but fog has spread in your eyes
who may hide behind the mask ?
i see one face smilin' / whereas the other cries

[interlude 1]

jumpin' in front of your Master
now it's time to start your show
fast as the thunder
in the sky you grow

[2ème couplet]

the blows of drums are beatin' rate
under the applause(s) you create
funny crazy new steps of dance
"Hail!" scream all the lords /still their only sentence

when you tighten me the hand
sure i beware of your kicks
tell me the secret of this land
the way to the truth is / like your acrobatics

[interlude 2]

you say i will see you later
and just as a robber you go
real friend or liar
i promise to know!

refrain :

fantasy and mystery here is your way
keeper of the key / with my nerves you play
to the king of the muddle the price i pay
in the town of Sephiria / for the truth i pray

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