Angels Of The Last Hope


In this wide clear blue sky
Shines a far lifeless sun
A cold wind is kissin' my face
In this dry injured land
Sand & dust coverin' our corpse
Stale flowers turn away from the light
I am lyin' somewhere
Before the gates of Heaven
Unless I should be fallen in
The abyss of Hell

My eyes brimmin' over with
Tears flowin' on my cheeks
I feel my sufferin' broken bones
In this nightmarrish land
A fog has spread in my mind
I wondered how they 'd been warned about
Our arrival in the
High mountains between dwarves
And this damned orcs' domains
Why have we been betrayed?

Under the rests of the bridge
The warriors are lyin'
Their enemies are comin'
To make an end of it
Ready to quit his land
Kel is waitin' slowy
The dark blade of the death

Angels of the last hope
Majestic griffins will save us
From this slaughter
Thanks for your help

Goddess of the last chance
Green emerald-eyed amazons
May your strong spears
Led to victory

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