1er couplet

in the town of the thieves
where lords of corruption
have no fear to deceive
preach vice and oppression
i'm waiting for the buffoon's revelations

suddenly i receive
not seems an illusion
in my hand a missive
it gives me instructions
"follow the keeper to answer your questions"


i've got no choice i agree
to a dark alley we go
on my head he gave a blow
and in the ditches he threw me

2ème couplet

when i opened my eyes
Oh! terrific vision
stand a black dragonfly
i feel coming action
without my sword i fear for my salvation

no more game no more lies
i wish a solution
i'm not decide to die
i hope best conditions
the buffoon saved me of my destination


black is this place
dark is your soul
the smile on your face
was never so cruel
you feel like the ace
poor bloody fool
i'll win the grace
chaos won't rule

interlude 2

the last breath of the dying beast fades in the darkness. Led by the buffoon to the reddish light of the dawn, the warrior wants to know. The masked-man tells him evil forces are growing fast on the lost isle. "Find the mens wearin' a black pin, find the lords of the hell!"

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