Little girl, my parents said:
"there are worlds to see!
Be the master of your destiny"
But i left my memories behind.
When they passed away, i'm just a runaway
Mirror, let me know will i lose my mind?
Please show my reflection
There's a hidden place, that no one may know
In my heart, there's a secret path that i follow
Help me climb the clouds, please god, hear my voice
Give me wings, make me strong
Guide me where i belong

How can the world just carry on?
When in your heart you've just begun to understand
There is no going back no going back
Even as time passes by
My prayers aren't strong enough
I cannot give any more.

I'm sick of running away
In this world you call home
I am crying in silence
Deep in the night
I'm crying tears of despair
To break this blindness
But i'm looking for someone to blame
Cause i am the waking child
The one who can reach the sky
The one who can see the sky

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