Black Abyss Of Hell


Threatenin' shadows stand out
against the red twilight of this evil day
Hidden behind steep mountains
the wild legion of Orcs & black Elves
is waitin' patiently her prey

Sunfire browned the few weeds
Claws of wind corroded the stones
Dryness cracked this injured earth
In this sad chaotic land
Sheer cliffs shadin' the light
With wary steps walked the men
On the narrow footpath hangin'
Over the darkest deepest abyss
Suddenly the terrific sound
Of mighty horns breaks the naught
A cloud of shafts swoop down
On the frightened warriors


Beyond fear and darkness
Comes the first tragic battle
Swords of steel rise in the sky
Warriors against evil forces
Rain of shafts fall on
The braves into the abyss
The black abyss of hell

Screams of pain tear the sky
Sprays of blood on the earth
Many soldiers fall down in
The never endin' precipice
Thanks to his steely shield
Kelvar came out unscathed
From the hill in front of him
Battle-songs rang out strong
A screen of outlines on the top
Quarrels of crossbows stuck in the wall
Ropes tight over the pit
Broke the violent wave of Orcs


Swords & shields dust & blood
The last humans still fightin'
In despair decided to drink
The berserkers' potion hang
On their belt to face them
When Kelvar saw a stone bridge
Leadin' to a dwarves' gallery
They tryied to reach this way out
From a cavern their enemies
Dragged away a catapult, shot
A rock on the bridge which
Collapsed in a deafenin' uproar

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