1. Floral & Fading Pierce The Veil
  2. Silent Scream Anna Blue
  3. Death of a Bachelor Panic! At The Disco
  4. I Don't Love You My Chemical Romance
  5. Emperor's New Clothes Panic! At The Disco
  6. Helena My Chemical Romance
  7. LíBido Libido
  8. Victorious Panic! At The Disco
  9. Como Un Perro Libido
  10. The Outsider Black Veil Brides
  11. Hallelujah Panic! At The Disco
  12. I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic! At The Disco
  13. Luna Amarga Allison
  14. LA Devotee Panic! At The Disco
  15. The Ghost Of You My Chemical Romance
  16. Anly Empty Heart
  17. Circles Pierce The Veil
  18. Bohemian Rhapsody Panic! At The Disco
  19. This Is Gospel Panic! At The Disco
  20. In The End Black Veil Brides
  21. House of Memories Panic! At The Disco
  22. Fragil Allison
  23. Welcome To The Black Parade My Chemical Romance
  24. En Esta Habitacion Libido
  25. Dead! My Chemical Romance
  26. Heart Of Fire Black Veil Brides
  27. So Alone Anna Blue
  28. Every Time The Rain Comes Down Anna Blue
  29. Tres Libido
  30. Memorama Allison
  31. Snow Cats AFI
  32. Famous Last Words My Chemical Romance
  33. Today I Saw The Whole World Pierce The Veil
  34. Universo Libido
  35. Dive In Pierce The Veil
  36. Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Panic! At The Disco
  37. Uma Chance Djodje
  38. Tu Como Estas Sergio Torres y Los Dueños Del Swing
  39. Na Na Na My Chemical Romance
  40. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa Panic! At The Disco
  41. The World Is Ugly My Chemical Romance
  42. No Será Lo Mismo Sin Ti Libido
  43. Reason To Love Our Last Night
  44. No Voy A Verte Mas Libido
  45. Sin Rencor Libido
  46. Aqui Allison
  47. Porque Te Amo Allison
  48. Golden Days Panic! At The Disco
  49. Rebel Love Song Black Veil Brides
  50. Goodbye Agony Black Veil Brides
  51. All We Ever See Of Stars Are Their Old Photographs We Are The Emergency
  52. Fallen Angels Black Veil Brides
  53. Teenagers My Chemical Romance
  54. Knives And Pens Black Veil Brides
  55. Younger Dreams Our Last Night
  56. Miss Jackson Panic! At The Disco
  57. Mama My Chemical Romance
  58. Girls/Girls/Boys Panic! At The Disco
  59. King For A Day (feat. Kellin Quinn) Pierce The Veil
  60. White Tiger Our Last Night
  61. Angel Anna Blue
  62. Falling Away Our Last Night
  63. Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed Pierce The Veil
  64. Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Panic! At The Disco
  65. Cicuta Libido
  66. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) My Chemical Romance
  67. Bulletproof Love Pierce The Veil
  68. New Perspective Panic! At The Disco
  69. Hembra Libido
  70. Nine In The Afternoon Panic! At The Disco
  71. Porcelain Emarosa
  72. Caraphernelia Pierce The Veil
  73. Solo a Tu Lado Quiero Vivir Jyve V
  74. Me Cambio Allison
  75. Texas Is Forever Pierce The Veil
  76. Home Our Last Night
  77. Common Ground Our Last Night
  78. Diamonds Our Last Night
  79. Tu Rostro Libido
  80. Carolyn Black Veil Brides
  81. Osen Kit-i
  82. Miss Murder AFI
  83. Sing My Chemical Romance
  84. Impossible Year Panic! At The Disco
  85. Tan suave Libido
  86. Dime Otra Vez Allison
  87. Dark Storms Our Last Night
  88. Bulls In The Bronx Pierce The Veil
  89. Lost It All (feat. Juliet Simms) Black Veil Brides
  90. A Soft War From First To Last
  91. Night Anna Blue
  92. This Is How I Disappear My Chemical Romance
  93. Habits Our Last Night
  94. Build God, Then We'll Talk Panic! At The Disco
  95. A World Divided Our Last Night
  96. Cancer My Chemical Romance
  97. Road To The Throne Our Last Night
  98. Ojos De Angel Libido
  99. Bedless Pierce The Veil
  100. Tangled In The Great Escape (feat. Jason Butler) Pierce The Veil
  101. Nicotine Panic! At The Disco
  102. The First Punch Pierce The Veil
  103. The Good, the Bad and the Dirty Panic! At The Disco
  104. I Hope You Suffer AFI
  105. Sed Libido
  106. Entre To Y Yo Jyve V
  107. Casual Affair Panic! At The Disco
  108. The Divine Zero Pierce The Veil
  109. Crown Of Thorns Black Veil Brides
  110. Algo Que Decir Allison
  111. But It's Better If You Do Panic! At The Disco
  112. Same Old War Our Last Night
  113. Vai Embora Djodje
  114. Esther Fe Libido
  115. House Of Wolves My Chemical Romance
  116. Cloud 9 Emarosa
  117. Sunrise Our Last Night
  118. Emily My Chemical Romance
  119. Poderosa (part. Dynamo) Djodje
  120. Baby Please Allison
  121. Summertime My Chemical Romance
  122. Song For Isabelle Pierce The Veil
  123. Nao Vai Djodje
  124. Forgotten Souls Our Last Night
  125. Fragil Libido
  126. Cuando Te Veo Allison
  127. Pensa Em Mim Darvin
  128. Sleep My Chemical Romance
  129. Set The World On Fire Black Veil Brides
  130. Beijam Djodje
  131. Crazy = Genius Panic! At The Disco
  132. Un Nuevo Juego Libido
  133. Coffin Black Veil Brides
  134. Hello, My Name Is Distance We Are The Emergency
  135. Frente A Você CannY
  136. The Five of Us Are Dying My Chemical Romance
  137. The Mortician's Daughter Black Veil Brides
  138. Never Forget You Our Last Night
  139. Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met) Panic! At The Disco
  140. Un Dia Nuevo Libido
  141. Demolition Lovers My Chemical Romance
  142. Radioactive Our Last Night
  143. Porno Shop Teen Idols
  144. Hell Above Pierce The Veil
  145. Reality Without You Our Last Night
  146. (Untitled) Secret Track-Poem On Sing The Sorrow AFI
  147. If I needed You Dashboard Confessional
  148. Prisoners Our Last Night
  149. All The Angels My Chemical Romance
  150. Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides Pierce The Veil
  151. Moe Serdtse Kit-i
  152. Doom Priest Legion Of The Damned
  153. Disenchanted My Chemical Romance
  154. A Devil For Me Black Veil Brides
  155. Amor Eterno Allison
  156. Time To Dance Panic! At The Disco
  157. Solo Un Cuento Angy
  158. El Vampiro Libido
  159. Invencible Libido
  160. Kiss And Control AFI
  161. Letting Go Mayday Parade
  162. The Boys Of Summer The Ataris
  163. Scared of Change Our Last Night
  164. Trade Mistakes Panic! At The Disco
  165. Vegas Lights Panic! At The Disco
  166. Angels Mayday Parade
  167. Blue and Yellow The Used
  168. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison My Chemical Romance
  169. The Sharpest Lives My Chemical Romance
  170. One Car Garage Emarosa
  171. No Bad Blood More Than A Thousand
  172. Quero Mais Djodje
  173. Parle-Moi Isabelle Boulay
  174. L'amitié Isabelle Boulay
  175. I Can't Make You Happy Angy
  176. Maps Our Last Night
  177. Lonely Libido
  178. 12 Through 15 Mayday Parade
  179. Birds Deas Vail
  180. Get Me Back Mimi
  181. Grauer Alltag Devilish
  182. Make War From First To Last
  183. The Legacy Black Veil Brides
  184. Elle Disait Isabelle Boulay
  185. No Mas de Ti Allison
  186. Gold Dust Emarosa
  187. God Bless You Black Veil Brides
  188. Children's Surrender Black Veil Brides
  189. I Believe Elliot Minor
  190. Sex and Hollywood Black Veil Brides
  191. Devil In The Mirror Black Veil Brides
  192. Crazy=Genius Panic! At The Disco
  193. I Think You Were in My Profile Picture Once Modern Baseball
  194. Sweet Blasphemy Black Veil Brides
  195. Die For You Black Veil Brides
  196. Stolen Dashboard Confessional
  197. Olvidaste decir Adios Allison
  198. Gold Medal Ribbon Pierce The Veil
  199. Rock Bottom Modern Baseball
  200. Even Robots Need Blankets Mayday Parade
  201. How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? Modern Baseball
  202. Planetary (GO!) My Chemical Romance
  203. Passos Escuros Hevo84
  204. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines Panic! At The Disco
  205. Mi Manchi Fausto Leali
  206. Reset Libido
  207. Stay Away From My Friends Pierce The Veil
  208. Always Panic! At The Disco
  209. 80s Allison
  210. Walk Away Black Veil Brides
  211. Northern Downpour Panic! At The Disco
  212. I've Never Felt This Way Our Last Night
  213. White Offerings AFI
  214. Let You Down Black Veil Brides
  215. Sarah Smiles Panic! At The Disco
  216. The Kids From Yesterday My Chemical Romance
  217. Smoke And Mirrors Black Veil Brides
  218. Posle Dozhdya Kit-i
  219. I Don't Care If You're Contagious Pierce The Veil
  220. Hold On Till May (feat. Lindsey Stamey) Pierce The Veil
  221. Resurrect The Sun Black Veil Brides
  222. Hurricane Panic! At The Disco
  223. Your Graduation Modern Baseball
  224. Senza Luce Fausto Leali
  225. Jamais Assez Loin Isabelle Boulay
  226. Amsterdam Isabelle Boulay
  227. Voices Our Last Night
  228. Mirrors Our Last Night
  229. Dark Horse Our Last Night
  230. Sentir Que Hoy Libido
  231. Still Breathing Mayday Parade
  232. Give 'Em Hell, Kid My Chemical Romance
  233. House Of Wolves (version 1) My Chemical Romance
  234. The Boy Who Could Fly Pierce The Veil
  235. The Calendar Panic! At The Disco
  236. Still Here Lexia
  237. Serenade Of Dream Her Bright Skies
  238. Ton Histoire Isabelle Boulay
  239. Can't Feel My Face Our Last Night
  240. Laberinto Libido
  241. Malvada Libido
  242. Hurt Emarosa
  243. First Bite More Than A Thousand
  244. Midnight Calls More Than A Thousand
  245. Bonjour Dari
  246. Fine, Great Modern Baseball
  247. Pothole Modern Baseball
  248. Less Than Nothing I Hate Myself
  249. Io Camminerò Fausto Leali
  250. Send Me To Hell Our Last Night
  251. Oak Island Our Last Night
  252. With Or Without You Our Last Night
  253. Cry The Used
  254. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living (Demo) My Chemical Romance
  255. Kill All Your Friends (Live Demo) My Chemical Romance
  256. A Toast To The Future Kids! Emarosa
  257. I'll Just Wait Emarosa
  258. The Balcony Scene Pierce The Veil
  259. I'm Low On Gas And You Need a Jacket Pierce The Veil
  260. The Legacy Black Veil Brides
  261. Turn Off The Lights Panic! At The Disco
  262. Je t'oublierai, je t'oublierai Isabelle Boulay
  263. As Lovers Go Dashboard Confessional
  264. A Sun That Never Sets Our Last Night
  265. Viaje Libido
  266. I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing At All Mayday Parade
  267. Fer Sure The Medic Droid
  268. Not That Kind Of Girl (Live Demo) My Chemical Romance
  269. Miracle Emarosa
  270. Southern Constellations Pierce The Veil
  271. New Year's Day Black Veil Brides
  272. Close Your Eyes Djodje
  273. Vindicated Dashboard Confessional
  274. 10.000 Razones Para El Adios Angy
  275. Conspiracy Our Last Night
  276. Stressed Out Our Last Night
  277. Lunático Libido
  278. Continuar CannY
  279. Beautiful Thieves AFI
  280. Buried Myself Alive The Used
  281. The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You My Chemical Romance
  282. Bulletproof Heart My Chemical Romance
  283. Faithless Black Veil Brides
  284. Vou Agora Hevo84
  285. Proibido Djodje
  286. Remember To Breathe Dashboard Confessional
  287. Blank Space Our Last Night
  288. The Heart Wants What It Wants (feat. Craig Owens) Our Last Night
  289. Mabel Libido
  290. Inmortales Mix Libido
  291. Cuelgo El Teléfono Libido
  292. Best friends and Hospital beds Funeral For a Friend
  293. They'll Only Miss You When You Leave Carissa's Wierd
  294. The Light Behind Your Eyes My Chemical Romance
  295. Ayer Jyve V
  296. Wretched And Divine Black Veil Brides
  297. Promesa Djodje
  298. Kaleidoscope Eyes Panic! At The Disco
  299. Collar Full Panic! At The Disco
  300. My Love Modern Baseball
  301. Skyfall Our Last Night
  302. The Embrace AFI
  303. The Only Hope For Me Is You My Chemical Romance
  304. Note To Self From First To Last
  305. Unbroken Black Veil Brides
  306. The End Of All Things Panic! At The Disco
  307. The Problem With The Big Picture Is That It's Hard To See Mayday Parade
  308. Apague a Luz Darvin
  309. Force Without Violence The Used
  310. Vampires Will Never Hurt You My Chemical Romance
  311. Hang 'Em High My Chemical Romance
  312. Love My Way Mineral
  313. Secrets Don't Make Friends From First To Last
  314. Perfect Weapon Black Veil Brides
  315. The Collapse Kill Hannah
  316. Jeans Panic! At The Disco
  317. Amor Anestesiado Libido
  318. The Boy Who Destroyed The World AFI
  319. I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds Mayday Parade
  320. Narrow Mayday Parade
  321. The End My Chemical Romance
  322. Sing It For Japan My Chemical Romance
  323. Yo Estare Bien D-Formes
  324. Kissing In Cars Pierce The Veil
  325. Just The Way You Are Pierce The Veil
  326. I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good From First To Last
  327. Savior Black Veil Brides
  328. Drag Me To The Grave Black Veil Brides
  329. Sans Toi Isabelle Boulay
  330. Espermato Libido
  331. Nicotina Libido
  332. Cemetery Drive My Chemical Romance
  333. Sambuka Pierce The Veil
  334. All Your Hate Black Veil Brides
  335. I Constantly Thank God For Esteban Panic! At The Disco
  336. She's A Handsome Woman Panic! At The Disco
  337. A Cause de Toi Vegastar
  338. Tears Over Beers Modern Baseball
  339. Hands Down Dashboard Confessional
  340. Respirando Libido
  341. Cielo Apunta Abajo Libido
  342. Dime Que Allison
  343. The Taste Of Ink The Used
  344. Masaya Bamboo
  345. Last Rites Black Veil Brides
  346. Do You Know What I'm Seeing? Panic! At The Disco
  347. Mi Mente Explota Libido
  348. Dejame Verte Allison
  349. I Swear This Time I Mean It Mayday Parade
  350. Anxious AFI
  351. DESTROYA My Chemical Romance
  352. Ritual Black Veil Brides
  353. Revelation Black Veil Brides
  354. The Only Ones (feat. Johnny 3 Tears) Kisses For Kings
  355. Once More Hurry-Up
  356. Re-do Modern Baseball
  357. Angeli Negri Fausto Leali
  358. Disparar Libido
  359. Kids in Love Mayday Parade
  360. Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us My Chemical Romance
  361. Professional Griefers (feat. Deadmau5) My Chemical Romance
  362. You Can't Look Back Taking Back Sunday
  363. The Sky Under The Sea Pierce The Veil
  364. A Match Into Water Pierce The Veil
  365. I Don't Want To Live In The Real World From First To Last
  366. Maybe Someday Teen Hearts
  367. Mille Après Mille Isabelle Boulay
  368. Age Of Ignorance Our Last Night
  369. Fantasma Libido
  370. Perdido Allison
  371. Desolation Row My Chemical Romance
  372. No Signal All the hats
  373. Never Emarosa
  374. Million Dollar Houses (The Painter) Pierce The Veil
  375. Fight Your Demons More Than A Thousand
  376. The Outcasts (Call To Arms) Black Veil Brides
  377. I Am Bulletproof Black Veil Brides
  378. The Shattered God Black Veil Brides
  379. J'ai mal à l'amour Isabelle Boulay
  380. Flor do Horizonte Darvin
  381. Making & Learning All the hats
  382. Heist More Than A Thousand
  383. Lost It all Black Veil Brides
  384. Sons Of Night Black Veil Brides
  385. Footsteps We Are The Emergency
  386. Tellement Seule Anna Blue
  387. The Hunter Jennifer Warnes
  388. Fate Our Last Night
  389. Stay Our Last Night
  390. Celeste Eimy
  391. Silver And Cold AFI
  392. Endlessly, She Said AFI
  393. Worth A Thousand Words Mayday Parade
  394. All that I've Got The Used
  395. Blue Emarosa
  396. The Cheap Bouquet Pierce The Veil
  397. This Prayer For You Black Veil Brides
  398. Rebel Yell Black Veil Brides
  399. White Wedding Black Veil Brides
  400. Esperar Você Hevo84
  401. She Had The World Panic! At The Disco
  402. All The Boys Panic! At The Disco
  403. Girl That You Love Panic! At The Disco
  404. Breathe Blacklisted Me
  405. In This Diary The Ataris
  406. If I'm The Sun Then You're The Moon Emo Side Project
  407. Then He Kissed Me The Crystals
  408. Letters To You Finch
  409. Liefde Slaat Een Brug Benny Neyman
  410. Calcetas Allison
  411. Atentamente Yo Allison
  412. Miserable At Best Mayday Parade
  413. Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Vic Fuentes) Mayday Parade
  414. A Praia Gugles
  415. Desert Song My Chemical Romance
  416. Blood My Chemical Romance
  417. Goodnite, Dr. Death My Chemical Romance
  418. Mad Emarosa
  419. Better Homes And Gardens Taking Back Sunday
  420. May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight Pierce The Veil
  421. We Stitch These Wounds Black Veil Brides
  422. Unholy Black Veil Brides
  423. F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades Black Veil Brides
  424. They Don't Need To Understand Black Veil Brides
  425. Casa Casa Mia Dari
  426. I Was Born Ready, Baby We Are The Emergency
  427. Crazy Angel Kill Hannah
  428. Китай - Моё Сердце Kit-i
  429. So Allein Anna Blue
  430. Blacklisted Me Blacklisted Me
  431. Paper Forts Farewell, My Love
  432. Eri Tu Fausto Leali
  433. Ave Maria No Morro Fausto Leali
  434. Coucouroucoucou Paloma Isabelle Boulay
  435. Finishing School Dashboard Confessional
  436. Bang In Het Donker Benny Neyman
  437. Of Ik Je Terug Zal Zien Benny Neyman
  438. Always Allison
  439. Who Said You Could Touch Me? AFI
  440. Medicate AFI
  441. Ghosts Mayday Parade
  442. Clarissa Gugles
  443. Palpite Darvin
  444. The Bird And The Worm The Used
  445. To The End My Chemical Romance
  446. Kiss The Ring My Chemical Romance
  447. Gun. My Chemical Romance
  448. Tudo é Você Pull Down
  449. People Like Me, We Just Don't Play Emarosa
  450. Hello My Hate Black Veil Brides
  451. Youth And Whisky Black Veil Brides
  452. Days Are Numbered (feat. Bert McCracken) Black Veil Brides
  453. They Don't Need To Understand Black Veil Brides
  454. Solo Punk Rock Dari
  455. Nta Confessa Djodje
  456. I Have Friends In Holy Spaces Panic! At The Disco
  457. Don't Stop Belivin Panic! At The Disco
  458. Vipusknoy Kit-i
  459. Emerald Eyes Blacklisted Me
  460. Rivals Her Bright Skies
  461. C'éTait L'hiver Isabelle Boulay
  462. Across The Ocean Our Last Night
  463. Lo Ultimo Que Hable Ayer Libido
  464. Nadie Sabe Lo Que Vendrá Libido
  465. Tablica mnozenja Who Is The Best
  466. God Called In Sick Today AFI
  467. Getting Over You The Used
  468. Red Is The New Black Funeral For a Friend
  469. History Funeral For a Friend
  470. Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) Taking Back Sunday
  471. Fast Times At Claremont High Pierce The Veil
  472. Electrified From First To Last
  473. Suerte Que Te Tengo Veronica
  474. Te Vuelvo Encontrar Jyve V
  475. The Gunsling Black Veil Brides
  476. Unholy (Feat. Zakk Wylde) Black Veil Brides
  477. F.E.A.R. Transmission 2: Trust Black Veil Brides
  478. Was Nothing Or Less Black Veil Brides
  479. We're So Starving Panic! At The Disco
  480. The Whiskey, The Liar, The Theif Patent Pending
  481. Test Tube Teens Teen Idols
  482. Da Doo Ron Ron The Crystals
  483. First We Take Manhattan Jennifer Warnes
  484. Sola En El Silencio Angy
  485. Hotel California Our Last Night
  486. Como Estas Libido
  487. Dime quien soy Libido
  488. Mi Destino Allison
  489. Just Out Of Reach Mayday Parade
  490. 17 Crimes AFI
  491. Como um anjo Gugles
  492. Ambulance My Chemical Romance
  493. Say Hello To The New Bad Guy Emarosa
  494. Before Today Pierce The Veil
  495. Emily From First To Last
  496. Never Let Go More Than A Thousand
  497. Knives and Pens (Acoustic) Black Veil Brides
  498. Alma Hevo84
  499. The Grass Is Greener On Our Side We Are The Emergency
  500. All My Life Panic! At The Disco
  501. I Wanna Be Free Panic! At The Disco
  502. La Parade Lisa Germano
  503. Bad Reputation Blacklisted Me
  504. @chl03k Modern Baseball
  505. Senza Di Te Fausto Leali
  506. Un Jour Ou L'autre Isabelle Boulay
  507. Avec le Temps Isabelle Boulay
  508. Te amo demasiado Allison
  509. Love Like Winter AFI
  510. Terrible Things Mayday Parade
  511. You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds Mayday Parade
  512. Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Mayday Parade
  513. A Deep Slow Panic AFI
  514. Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology Mayday Parade
  515. Make Believe The Used
  516. Under Pressure My Chemical Romance
  517. Art Is The Weapon My Chemical Romance
  518. Zero Zero My Chemical Romance
  519. Broken vs. the Way We Were Born Emarosa
  520. Besitos Pierce The Veil
  521. Emily From First To Last
  522. Como Te Miro Jyve V
  523. Best of My Love Emotions
  524. Shadows Die Black Veil Brides
  525. Wale (tanto wale) Dari
  526. Minha Vida É Você Hevo84
  527. This Is Halloween Panic! At The Disco
  528. Bittersweet Panic! At The Disco
  529. Far Too Young To Die Panic! At The Disco
  530. Save Me From Myself Blacklisted Me
  531. Empate Polara
  532. Je T'oublierai Je T'oublierai Isabelle Boulay
  533. Looking as you are Embrace
  534. La Casa De Los Gritos Libido
  535. Desafiante Libido
  536. Tal Como Ayer Eimy
  537. The Memory Mayday Parade
  538. No Resurrection AFI
  539. Cubicles My Chemical Romance
  540. Interlude My Chemical Romance
  541. All I Want For Christmas Is You My Chemical Romance
  542. Kill All Your Friends My Chemical Romance
  543. Look Alive, Sunshine My Chemical Romance
  544. Same Tight Rope Emarosa
  545. Everything Must Go Taking Back Sunday
  546. Wonderless Pierce The Veil
  547. The New National Anthem Pierce The Veil
  548. Hipérbole CH05
  549. Don´t Ask My Neighbors Emotions
  550. Love Isn't Always Fair Black Veil Brides
  551. Abeyance Black Veil Brides
  552. Palavras Sinceras Hevo84
  553. Freak Like Me Blacklisted Me
  554. Portraits Farewell, My Love
  555. Here Comes September Waikiki
  556. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Isabelle Boulay
  557. Je Reviens Chez Nous Isabelle Boulay
  558. I've Had The Time Of My Life Jennifer Warnes
  559. Mouth Machine Gun Our Last Night
  560. Natures Law Embrace
  561. Mal Tiempo Libido
  562. Enloquece Libido
  563. Amargo Despertar Allison
  564. Nails Funeral For a Friend
  565. Thank You For The Venom My Chemical Romance
  566. My Way Home Is Through You My Chemical Romance
  567. Black Dragon Fighting Society My Chemical Romance
  568. Make Room!!! My Chemical Romance
  569. A Hundred Crowns Emarosa
  570. She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty Pierce The Veil
  571. Quiero Vivir la Vida Amándote Veronica
  572. Dime Cuento Tiempo Jyve V
  573. 7x1 Eu Não Sou Seu Offline
  574. We Don't Belong Black Veil Brides
  575. Più Di Te Dari
  576. Ink Well Paper Stain We Are The Emergency
  577. Don't Die Wondering Kill Hannah
  578. A Minute Of Perfection Was Worth The Effort. A Moment Was The Most You Could Ever Expect From Perfection Panic! At The Disco
  579. Behind The Sea Panic! At The Disco
  580. It's Almost Halloween Panic! At The Disco
  581. Let's Kill Tonight Panic! At The Disco
  582. Stall Me Panic! At The Disco
  583. Starboy (feat. The Weeknd) Cover Panic! At The Disco
  584. Hey Mario Patent Pending
  585. Wrecking Ball Our Last Night
  586. Don Libido
  587. Mas Rapido Libido
  588. Salvaciones Libido
  589. Rewind AFI
  590. Stay Mayday Parade
  591. Rega-Rega Gugles
  592. Empty With You The Used
  593. Sesucinya Cintamu Anuar Zain
  594. Party Poison My Chemical Romance
  595. Burn Bright My Chemical Romance
  596. Y Ahora Que? All the hats
  597. Share The Sunshine Young Blood Emarosa
  598. Cliff Notes Emarosa
  599. Nothing At All Taking Back Sunday
  600. Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears Pierce The Veil
  601. Don't Fear The Reaper Pierce The Veil
  602. Love Letter Typewriter Mineral
  603. We Stitch These Wounds Black Veil Brides
  604. Devil's Choir Black Veil Brides
  605. Non Mi Far Mancare Dari
  606. That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) Panic! At The Disco
  607. Se Dévoiler Lily
  608. For Want Of Rites Of Spring
  609. A Chi Fausto Leali
  610. The Best Deceptions Dashboard Confessional
  611. El Camino (Qosqo) Libido
  612. Mi Lado Oscuro Libido
  613. Sorry, Not Sorry Mayday Parade
  614. It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish My Chemical Romance
  615. Zero Percent My Chemical Romance
  616. Fake Your Death My Chemical Romance
  617. Revolucion All the hats
  618. Crystal Clear The Darling Buds
  619. Just Another Marionette Emarosa
  620. De Paulista pra Gaúcho Folclore Nativo
  621. Cross My Heart More Than A Thousand
  622. Dime Lo Que Queires Que Haga Jyve V
  623. Never Give In Black Veil Brides
  624. Nobody's Hero Black Veil Brides
  625. Promessa Djodje
  626. Camisado Panic! At The Disco
  627. Mad As Rabbits Panic! At The Disco
  628. New Perspective Panic! At The Disco
  629. Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) Panic! At The Disco
  630. C'mon (feat. Fun) Panic! At The Disco
  631. Things I'll Later Lose Lily
  632. The Thrash Particle Modern Baseball
  633. Brighter Patent Pending
  634. She's A Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas Patent Pending
  635. Depuis Le Premier Jour Isabelle Boulay
  636. Play Dead Finch
  637. Nectar Libido
  638. El Instincto Del Amor Libido
  639. Llama por Favor Allison
  640. No Sale De Tí Allison
  641. Anywhere But Here Mayday Parade
  642. On My Own The Used
  643. I Caught Fire The Used
  644. Bom Dia Doyoulike?
  645. Drowning Lessons My Chemical Romance
  646. Save Yourself (I'll Hold Them Back) My Chemical Romance
  647. So close The Darling Buds
  648. Pretend.Relive.Regret Emarosa
  649. But You Won't Love A Ghost Emarosa
  650. Beat It Pierce The Veil
  651. One Hundred Sleepless Nights Pierce The Veil
  652. Love Isnt Always Fair Black Veil Brides
  653. F.E.A.R - Final Transmission Black Veil Brides
  654. Abeyance Black Veil Brides
  655. Stolen Omen Black Veil Brides
  656. Esco Dari
  657. Hurricane Panic! At The Disco
  658. Mercenary Panic! At The Disco
  659. Broken Cash Machine Modern Baseball
  660. Io Amo Fausto Leali
  661. Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka Song) The Ataris
  662. Criatura Misteriosa Libido
  663. Ya No Te Amo Allison
  664. Three Cheers For Five Years Mayday Parade
  665. A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress) The Used
  666. Early Sunsets Over Monroeville My Chemical Romance
  667. I Never Told You What I Do For a Living My Chemical Romance
  668. Knives / Sorrow (Demo) My Chemical Romance
  669. MakeDamnSure Taking Back Sunday
  670. Back To Hannalei From First To Last
  671. Roadsick More Than A Thousand
  672. Parte de Tu Mundo (dueto Com Nuria Fergó) Veronica
  673. Heaven's Calling Black Veil Brides
  674. New Religion Black Veil Brides
  675. F.E.A.R. Transmission 1: Stay Close Black Veil Brides
  676. Overture Black Veil Brides
  677. Undi Ki Bu Sta? Djodje
  678. Memories Panic! At The Disco
  679. Apartment Modern Baseball
  680. Lovekills Her Bright Skies
  681. Tout Au Bout de Nos Peines Isabelle Boulay
  682. Living Now Our Last Night
  683. Invensible Libido
  684. Estoy Tan Gris Libido
  685. Oh Well, Oh Well Mayday Parade
  686. You're Dead Wrong Mayday Parade
  687. Headfirst For Halos My Chemical Romance
  688. Bury Me In Black My Chemical Romance
  689. Surrender The Night My Chemical Romance
  690. Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You) My Chemical Romance
  691. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) My Chemical Romance
  692. Needer All the hats
  693. The Past Should Stay Dead Emarosa
  694. Nothing But Mistakes More Than A Thousand
  695. We Wrote a Song About You More Than A Thousand
  696. Way Back Home The New Story
  697. Janela de mim Eletromilk
  698. Beautiful Remains Black Veil Brides
  699. World Of Sacrifice Black Veil Brides
  700. Oh Glory Panic! At The Disco
  701. Maître de Ma Vie Vegastar
  702. Ghosts Of The Attic Her Bright Skies
  703. Ti Lasceró Fausto Leali
  704. Liberate Me Our Last Night
  705. Pop Porn Libido
  706. Sal Libido
  707. Vientos Y Amarguras Libido
  708. Prelude 12/21 AFI
  709. When You See My Friends Mayday Parade
  710. Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About Mayday Parade
  711. Esse Lugar Gugles
  712. Smother Me The Used
  713. Shoreline Deas Vail
  714. Heaven Help Us My Chemical Romance
  715. Stay Awake My Chemical Romance
  716. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W My Chemical Romance
  717. Your Own Disaster Taking Back Sunday
  718. Helpless Emarosa
  719. Bonita y Mentirosa Sergio Torres y Los Dueños Del Swing
  720. Currents Convulsive Pierce The Veil
  721. Children Surrender Black Veil Brides
  722. Love Isn't Always Fair Black Veil Brides
  723. Exordium Black Veil Brides
  724. Victory Call Black Veil Brides
  725. Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks Panic! At The Disco
  726. Hurricane Panic! At The Disco
  727. Tears Of Ashes Dear Whoever
  728. Let Me In Lexia
  729. El Ultimo Adios Latin All Star Tribute
  730. Aspetterò Fausto Leali
  731. Emo Paradise Emo Side Project
  732. Barricades Our Last Night
  733. Skylines And Turnstiles My Chemical Romance
  734. Astro Zombies (cover Misfits) My Chemical Romance
  735. Stood a Chance Taking Back Sunday
  736. Bubbleworld A Vain Attempt
  737. Melancholie Sépia
  738. My love you are Aloha From Hell
  739. Saviour Black Veil Brides
  740. Toccami Il Cuore Dari
  741. Na Nha Sonho Djodje
  742. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage Panic! At The Disco
  743. When The Day Met The Night Panic! At The Disco
  744. Pas de Cheval Panic! At The Disco
  745. Reprobate Romance (feat. Nicholas Matthews) Blacklisted Me
  746. Cooke Modern Baseball
  747. Jamais Isabelle Boulay
  748. Invincible Our Last Night
  749. Tiempo Tranquilos Libido
  750. Octubre Libido
  751. Adios Allison
  752. Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep AFI
  753. Ninguém Mais Gugles
  754. Black Parade Is Dead My Chemical Romance
  755. This Song Is a Curse My Chemical Romance
  756. You're So Last Summer Taking Back Sunday
  757. Young Lonely Emarosa
  758. The Riot A Vain Attempt
  759. Yeah Boy And Doll Face Pierce The Veil
  760. Disasterology Pierce The Veil
  761. Props & Mayhem Pierce The Veil
  762. Aquí Veronica
  763. Done For You Black Veil Brides
  764. Minha Pira (feat. Bonde da Stronda) Hevo84
  765. Oh... Knees Don't Bend The Other Way We Are The Emergency
  766. Tchas Fala Djodje
  767. There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet Panic! At The Disco
  768. Memories Panic! At The Disco
  769. The Weekend Modern Baseball
  770. Wedding Singer Modern Baseball
  771. Quando Ami Una Donna Fausto Leali
  772. Imaginary Monster Our Last Night
  773. 't Doel Van Het Leven Benny Neyman
  774. Obican dan Who Is The Best
  775. Let's Be Honest Mayday Parade
  776. Revolution The Used
  777. Vampire Money My Chemical Romance
  778. Boy Division My Chemical Romance
  779. Somos Vos Y Yo All the hats
  780. Flicker Fade Taking Back Sunday
  781. Ohio Is For Lovers Hawthorne Heights
  782. Bedless Pierce The Veil
  783. Mi Cielo Tú Liquido Zero
  784. Teenage Wastelands More Than A Thousand
  785. I Am The Anchor More Than A Thousand
  786. The Jedis Are Going To Feel This One We Are The Emergency
  787. Misteriosa (Ft. D. Kikas) Djodje
  788. Charlie Black Modern Baseball
  789. Note To Self Modern Baseball
  790. Classic You Patent Pending
  791. L'Hymne à la Beauté du Monde Isabelle Boulay
  792. Figuras Y Fusiones Eimy
  793. Iddy Biddy The Used
  794. Tomorrow's Money My Chemical Romance
  795. The Lonely Waltz Of Leonard Cohen Pg. 99
  796. Sulla Mia Pelle (feat. Joel Madden) Lost
  797. Sete a Uma Offline
  798. From a Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins Panic! At The Disco
  799. See Ya, Sucker Modern Baseball
  800. Hes A Rebel The Crystals
  801. Party At The End Of The World (Live Demo) My Chemical Romance
  802. She Sings In The Morning Pierce The Veil
  803. H8 Meh From First To Last
  804. Un Peu D'innocence Isabelle Boulay
  805. Je Ne T'En Veux Pas Isabelle Boulay
  806. Fuera De Mi (acustica) Eimy
  807. Nada es como antes Allison
  808. Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing Mayday Parade
  809. We Don't Need Another Song About California My Chemical Romance
  810. Romance My Chemical Romance
  811. I Can't Escape A Vain Attempt
  812. Populace In Two From First To Last
  813. Dammit Panic! At The Disco
  814. Re-done Modern Baseball
  815. Apple Cider, I Don't Mind Modern Baseball
  816. Quiero Verte Llorar Angy
  817. True Love Panic! At The Disco
  818. Blackbird Panic! At The Disco
  819. Ma Fille Isabelle Boulay
  820. Screaming Infidelities Dashboard Confessional
  821. Por La Boca Vive El Pez Angy
  822. Culpable Libido
  823. Voy A Continuar Libido
  824. 83 - 87 Allison
  825. Hold Onto Me Mayday Parade
  826. Take it Away The Used
  827. All The Rage Funeral For a Friend
  828. Ignorant piece of shit Carissa's Wierd
  829. Diamonds And Why Men Buy Them Pierce The Veil
  830. Ciao Bella Indietro
  831. A Sharp Tongue Can Cut Your Own Throat II More Than A Thousand
  832. Every Whisper Aches Inme
  833. Can't Fight Against The Youth Panic! At The Disco
  834. Special Day Lily
  835. Unopened Letter To The World The Ataris
  836. C'est Quoi, c'est l'Habitude Isabelle Boulay
  837. La Ballade Du Chien-loup Isabelle Boulay
  838. I Know a Heartache When I See One Jennifer Warnes
  839. Into The Future Our Last Night
  840. Ik Hield Van Jou Benny Neyman
  841. Alfa Beta Zero 21
  842. The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know Panic! At The Disco
  843. Karma Police Panic! At The Disco
  844. Like Always Kisses For Kings
  845. Je T'oublierai Isabelle Boulay
  846. Despierta Libido
  847. Repent And Repeat Mayday Parade
  848. Overdose The Used
  849. Promete Pull Down
  850. Trust Is A Rarity A Vain Attempt
  851. Don't Gimme That Aloha From Hell
  852. Meu Mundo Sem Você Hevo84
  853. Insônia Hevo84
  854. Misteriosa Djodje
  855. Un Signe de Toi Lily
  856. Hours Outside In The Snow Modern Baseball
  857. Zolang Je Bij Me Bent Benny Neyman
  858. Lo que más amo Allison
  859. The Last Something That Meant Anything Mayday Parade
  860. This Fire The Used
  861. The Things You Were Deas Vail
  862. Between Rupture And Rapture My Chemical Romance
  863. Umbrella (Cover Rihanna) My Chemical Romance
  864. Remember Your Enemy May A Vain Attempt
  865. Regresa a Mí Veronica
  866. Sin Ti Jyve V
  867. Why Cry Panic! At The Disco
  868. Girlfriend In a Coma Panic! At The Disco
  869. Répondez-moi Isabelle Boulay
  870. El-Oh-Vee-Ee The Used
  871. Beat Up Car Taking Back Sunday
  872. A Dama e o Vagabundo Fused
  873. Rainha das Flores Zé Índio
  874. EWE-KNEE-VERSE We Are The Emergency
  875. Water And Bridges Dashboard Confessional
  876. 't Wordt Tijd Dat Je Leeft Benny Neyman
  877. Hablar No Es Necesario Libido
  878. Girl's Not Grey AFI
  879. Totalimmortal AFI
  880. A Shot Across The Bow Mayday Parade
  881. Long-distance Song A Day In Black And White
  882. Carry On My Wayward Son Panic! At The Disco
  883. Fighter Sumo Cyco
  884. We Will All Evolve Our Last Night
  885. Miss Murder (Director's cut) AFI
  886. Amber Lynn Mayday Parade
  887. Greater Than 84 AFI
  888. Common People My Chemical Romance
  889. 1996 On Bevard Emarosa
  890. Before Today Pierce The Veil
  891. A Sharp Tongue Can Cut Your Own Throat I More Than A Thousand
  892. First Try Panic! At The Disco
  893. The Good Life Panic! At The Disco
  894. Fuck Her Gently Panic! At The Disco
  895. From a Shell Lisa Germano
  896. Logic Agent Lily
  897. 3 Strikes Tru
  898. Et Maintenant Isabelle Boulay
  899. Hoe Zou Het Met Je Gaan Benny Neyman
  900. Ya No Me Juzgues Libido
  901. Quiero Estar Contigo Allison
  902. Rookie Of The Year Funeral For a Friend
  903. Roses For The Dead Funeral For a Friend
  904. La Soledad D-Formes
  905. The Weight Of Love Blinds Eyes Emarosa
  906. Lebe Die Sekunde Devilish
  907. But a Memory A Vain Attempt
  908. In Love With An Apparition Pg. 99
  909. Was Bleibt Sépia
  910. Di Fronte a Te Lost
  911. Mirror, Mirror Farewell, My Love
  912. The Old Gospel Choir Modern Baseball
  913. L'appuntamento Isabelle Boulay
  914. Chanson Pour Les Mois D'hiver Isabelle Boulay
  915. In The Sky Shuffle!
  916. Buscando El Cielo Eimy
  917. The Leaper Deas Vail
  918. Our Lady Of Sorrows My Chemical Romance
  919. Notes Modern Baseball
  920. Your Boyfriend Sucks The Ataris
  921. Un'ora Fa Fausto Leali
  922. Link-age Shuffle!
  923. Sere Libido
  924. Something Libido
  925. Blood On My Hands The Used
  926. Juneau Funeral For a Friend
  927. Gloria Mineral
  928. Nada, Nada, Nada Veronica
  929. These Butterflies Teen Hearts
  930. Boss DJ Panic! At The Disco
  931. Clarity Our Last Night
  932. Hambre Libido
  933. Jersey Mayday Parade
  934. Until You're Big Enough Mayday Parade
  935. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects The Used
  936. Cages Deas Vail
  937. Coleção Doyoulike?
  938. Funeral Blues Funeral For a Friend
  939. So You Wanna Be a Superhero Carissa's Wierd
  940. This Is The Best Day Ever My Chemical Romance
  941. Emily (Rough Mix) My Chemical Romance
  942. Nunca Es El Final All the hats
  943. Black And White From First To Last
  944. Zambita Nueva Folclore Nativo
  945. Everything Is Alright Panic! At The Disco
  946. Mieux Qu'ici-Bas Isabelle Boulay
  947. Mundo Perfecto Libido
  948. Pra Quem Disse Que Era Eterno CannY
  949. Safe And Sound (feat Kyosuke Himuro) My Chemical Romance
  950. A Decade Under The Influence Taking Back Sunday
  951. Onde Ela Está Fused
  952. Dead Trees From First To Last
  953. Skip The Memories Farewell, My Love
  954. Un Momento En Mil Libido
  955. Bleed Black AFI
  956. Pretty Handsome Awkward The Used
  957. Party Poison My Chemical Romance
  958. Falling Asleep On a Stranger Pierce The Veil
  959. No Mercy For The Weak More Than A Thousand
  960. Intermission Panic! At The Disco
  961. Open Hapiness Panic! At The Disco
  962. Gravity Embrace
  963. I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both Jawbreaker
  964. A Música Que Fiz Pra Você CannY
  965. The Interview AFI
  966. Don't Change AFI
  967. Destroy All Vampires My Chemical Romance
  968. Jet-star And The Kobra Kid / Traffic Report My Chemical Romance
  969. Nothing Compares 2U Veronica
  970. Sua Música Animal Planet
  971. Feignez de Dormir Isabelle Boulay
  972. The Leaving Song AFI
  973. The Killing Lights AFI
  974. Darling, I Want to Destroy You AFI
  975. Podia Ser Pior Darvin
  976. A Gondola Ride In Paris The Messenger
  977. Drop Me Off At The Bridge We Are The Emergency
  978. Hummingbirds The Size Of Bullets Kill Hannah
  979. Running Out Blacklisted Me
  980. Little Miss Obvious Her Bright Skies
  981. Au Moment d'Etre à Vous Isabelle Boulay
  982. M'n Land Benny Neyman
  983. Pensando En Ti Allison
  984. Ooh Do I Love You Cap'n Jazz
  985. Evolution The Used
  986. F.T.W.W.W My Chemical Romance
  987. Drella Pierce The Veil
  988. Te Estoy Perdiendo Liquido Zero
  989. Non Credere Fausto Leali
  990. Carry Me To Safety Our Last Night
  991. Devil Beside You The Used
  992. We Will Rock You My Chemical Romance
  993. Nichts Wird Besser Devilish
  994. I Saw Her Face A Vain Attempt
  995. Canal de Cabo Frio Fused
  996. Dear friend More Than A Thousand
  997. What's My Age Again? Panic! At The Disco
  998. I Can't Come Down Embrace
  999. Te voy a perder Allison
  1000. Bebe Por Favor Allison


  1. Panic! At The Disco
  2. Pierce The Veil
  3. My Chemical Romance
  4. Libido
  5. Black Veil Brides
  6. Anna Blue
  7. Allison
  8. Our Last Night
  9. AFI
  10. Djodje
  11. Empty Heart
  12. Kit-i
  13. Mayday Parade
  14. Jyve V
  15. Emarosa
  16. Modern Baseball
  17. We Are The Emergency
  18. Isabelle Boulay
  19. Zé Índio
  20. Sergio Torres y Los Dueños Del Swing
  21. More Than A Thousand
  22. Zero 21
  23. Dari
  24. CannY
  25. Dag Nasty
  26. Deas Vail
  27. Xisde
  28. Devilish
  29. ZeroCinco
  30. Taking Back Sunday
  31. From First To Last
  32. Mineral
  33. Braid
  34. The Used
  35. Polara
  36. The Ataris
  37. Polar
  38. The Darling Buds
  39. Darvin
  40. A Vain Attempt
  41. Carissa's Wierd
  42. Angy
  43. Funeral For a Friend
  44. Aloha From Hell
  45. Embrace
  46. Tru
  47. F.o.b.
  48. Veronica
  49. Teen Idols
  50. Doyoulike?
  51. Kelly Chen
  52. Downy
  53. Justin Rutledge
  54. Anuar Zain
  55. Eletromilk
  56. Close To Home
  57. Mimi
  58. Sumo Cyco
  59. Warning
  60. Drive Like Jehu
  61. Falante
  62. The Crystals
  63. Fausto Leali
  64. Delittus
  65. Kill Hannah
  66. Folclore Nativo
  67. Legion Of The Damned
  68. Carolyn Arends
  69. The Medic Droid
  70. Blacklisted Me
  71. Lily
  72. Dashboard Confessional
  73. All the hats
  74. Benny Neyman
  75. Dear Whoever
  76. Samiam
  77. Fused
  78. Finch
  79. Gugles
  80. Offline
  81. Hurry-Up
  82. Emotions
  83. Vegastar
  84. Teen Hearts
  85. Shuffle!
  86. D-Formes
  87. 12ponto1
  88. The Juliana Theory
  89. Rubra
  90. Kisses For Kings
  91. Hevo84
  92. Lisa Germano
  93. I Hate Myself
  94. The New Story
  95. Jawbreaker
  96. Eimy
  97. Elliot Minor
  98. Jennifer Warnes
  99. Her Bright Skies
  100. Pg. 99
  101. Inme
  102. Hawthorne Heights
  103. Farewell, My Love
  104. Bagre Ensaboado
  105. Rites Of Spring
  106. Liquido Zero
  107. Latin All Star Tribute
  108. Cap'n Jazz
  109. The Messenger
  110. Yomega
  111. Down For The Count
  112. Emo Side Project
  113. Luffini
  114. Typecast
  115. Bamboo
  116. Still Life
  117. Justincase
  118. A Day In Black And White
  119. Indietro
  120. Overdrive
  121. Pull Down
  122. EmoPonto
  123. One Hundred Steps
  124. A Thorn For Every Heart
  125. Who Is The Best
  126. Sépia
  127. A Canna
  128. Lexia
  129. CH05
  130. Will Haven
  131. Bleed the Dream
  132. Patent Pending
  133. Waikiki
  134. Zero Adição
  135. Supertoy
  136. Lost
  137. Nowayout
  138. SPAM
  139. Parade The Day
  140. Kaza17
  141. Boys Night Out
  142. Asterisco Zero
  143. Test Drive
  144. Emyli
  145. Promise Of Redemption
  146. The Beautiful Mistake
  147. Tokyo Rose
  148. Evaline
  149. Colegial
  150. Animal Planet
  151. Under Line
  152. Imaybe
  153. Danger Is My Middle Name
  154. Holland
  155. So They Say
  156. Call it Karma
  157. Ligeia
  158. Yvon Mars
  159. Syltreck
  160. Keepers
  161. AndrewLandon
  162. Grade
  163. Ember
  164. Bedinis
  165. Beyond Surface
  166. Evergreen
  167. Red Car Wire
  168. 4 Live
  169. Blackmass
  170. Olhos de Sofia
  171. Asteria
  172. 3 Segundos Antes da Queda
  173. Hcity
  174. Anyway
  175. My Cubic Emotion
  176. Just Went Black
  177. Feeling Left Out
  178. With Broken Wings
  179. Banda 20!
  180. Uzina
  181. Leeds
  182. Februa
  183. The Rough Kutz
  184. Efx
  185. Harmona
  186. Resid
  187. Upon Beauty Rests
  188. Dossiê
  189. Gray Matter
  190. Epilogue 92
  191. Buddy Flake
  192. Knapsack
  193. Gina Thompson
  194. Flex For Sex
  195. Kiros
  196. Vanilla
  197. Lights Out Dancing
  198. Tia Ema
  199. Edu Gaitaço e Grupo Marca Tradição
  200. Franck Olivier
  201. Bug Scream
  202. Sketch 42
  203. Panic, Sky Fell!
  204. Carlos Mainardes
  205. Snake River Conspiracy
  206. Dilema
  207. Mellanie
  208. Plug3
  209. Francini
  210. Backdoor's
  211. Deefatto
  212. Lauro Gatinho
  213. Stacy
  214. Retina
  215. Lhyz
  216. StripCheese
  217. 9º Andar
  218. Ubs44
  219. Hatter
  220. Mel
  221. Just Another Rock And Roll Band
  222. Restart the Sound
  223. Condroma
  224. Dying in Peace
  225. Sky Gates
  226. Update
  227. Say a Little Prayer
  228. Gabi Karine
  229. Thiabenna
  230. San Dimas
  231. Rosas e Loucos
  232. Banda UltraLeve
  233. 31 Centavos
  234. Layout
  235. AGNEZ
  236. Chicosci
  237. Razura
  238. Doddy
  239. Democratas
  240. N4j
  241. Fantastic 5
  242. Emo Melody
  243. Next End
  244. Taïs Reganelli e Henrique Torres
  245. Seppia
  246. Nocore
  247. Oni³
  248. Freeday
  249. By The Wayside
  250. Db64
  251. All About Teens
  252. Versover
  253. Wafflehouse
  254. Desfack
  255. Recore
  256. Novella
  257. Nitrox
  258. Prole 69
  259. Fuzer
  260. Kissif
  261. Fenuzx
  262. Emolife
  263. Diretrize 28
  264. alt.tude
  265. One Feeling
  266. Ckuela
  267. And Mary Dies
  268. Jukabala
  269. EmOKaSe
  270. Satine
  271. Ferkold
  272. InterluD
  273. Noflip
  274. Fixies
  275. Emo Full
  276. Igor Ribeiro
  277. Banda Ollie
  278. Black Label
  279. Efemero
  280. Disoneto
  281. Erros
  282. Banda G7
  283. 33ponto1
  284. Lincon
  285. 21 Emon
  286. Twenty Inch Burial
  287. Valence
  288. N.xau!
  289. Larha
  290. Atemiz
  291. Anatomy Of A Ghost
  292. ORCS
  293. Projeto Ativo
  294. Delatore
  295. A Drop Of Blood
  296. Edição Limitada
  297. Ps Vibe
  298. Deboreste
  299. Atordoados
  300. Mipt
  301. Templo Rock
  302. Another Life