Try wearing my head over yours,
And see if it fits, then wear it.
Try taking my mind for a spin.
I'm Dr. Hyde while you're Tim.

No need to be scared of an accident.
I put the safety lock on.
I'll hang out at home for the day
While you lead my head astray.

Try me out and see what makes it better,
Makes it worse.

You're going to need the manual.
Well, I'll take it down and dust it off.
The pages have yet to see the day.
I give it all away.

I've laughed it off,
And now it's on your shoulders.

If only the world would rearrange
With the trading of brains
We're still the same.
You're looking just as strange.
I'm in the dark again.
And I'm passing it off to you.

I wish to remain just The Headless One,
Which means it's you who sings this song.
If I am to sing, I'll set my freedom.
I laugh it off, I'm laughing... HA HA HA HA.

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