I fall and i dissolve myself again...
Slain the beautiful.
My time alone is not always merciful.
The voices in my head screaming over and over again.
So i dissolve myself i dissolve myself again...
I was the on who built these walls now
I have to be free.
Can you help me break this hold of my insecurities?
In this minute falling there's nothing left but hope.
I feel hatred all around us.
I'm holding tightly to the end of my rope.
I feel so alone.
Please tell me i'm not alone...
Help me see the beauty in my pain.
And i wont ever let these feelings slip away.
Injustice is the theme for today.
Repression is the price we pay.
Life is fire, it needs to burn free.
Can we learn compassion for all living beings?
Or just tear it all down?
Can we find it in ourselves to set ourselves free?

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